Add to home screen & SSL

We work hard to get new version to the production this month, here is small info what is coming.

SSL for all subdomains

We extended our certificate to all sub domains, so now we can access by secure connection, it has some benefits like, secure connection, working localization, offline by enabling ServiceWorkers and the ability to add the page to home screen ad use it

Add to home screen

If you use modern web browsers on your mobile device, you can now just go to and use your menu to add the app to your home screen, so when you use it, the page will open as native app like style.

You can read more about this feature on google developers page.

If you have problem with finding how to do it, check out this tutorials: how to gik and pod tracker.

Web page

This webpage is our new online resource for the project.

  • development updates
  • tutorials
  • relations about what is going on
  • stories
  • terms of use and privacy policy
  • other static pages

Stay tuned for more info!